The Platinum Package

Our platinum package is the complete solution for any property owner or developer who is looking to subdivide or build a multi-unit residence.  Our all-inclusive platinum package combines all of our services for a complete turn-key option. Not only does our platinum package provide the most convenient and stress free option but it also provides the maximum potential for increasing your return on investment. We assess all costs and project planning to utilise the budget and allocation of resources to maximise efficiency.

Our platinum packages are popular with homeowners a property developers alike who are looking to partner with a reputable and family owned building company they can rely on to deliver their product on time and within budget. We’re not only renowned for our quality workmanship but also our ability to delivery projects to specification 3-4 months earlier than our competitors.

The reason our platinum package is so popular isn’t just because of its convenience and cost efficiency but also the assurance that our clients will only have the most experienced tradesmen working in their project. Our experience and established network of Melbourne’s best professional tradesmen and project managers means your residential development will be treated with the upmost care and attention to detail.

The platinum package is the number one choice for quality subdivision and multi-unit construction and development in Melbourne.

There is more to building than just bricks and mortar. Whether you require reputable advice and guidance, a representative to gather the permits, or an expert partner who can provide everything from planning through construction, we can help.

Based on your requirements, our process is divided into four core stages:

  1. Scoping: We’ll discuss your requirements in detail and understand the intention you have for your property. At this stage we are focused on exploring ways to maximise the usage of your land to achieve the best possible outcome and return on investment.
  2. Proposal: We provide you with a quote for the job that includes a preliminary agreement outlining the scope and the costs associated with the work.
  3. Planning: Once you wish to proceed with the project, we will start the process of town planning and permit applications. Once all permits and plans are finalized we can provide the final cost and budget for your project.
  4. Production: We commence building on your site with our experienced and professional team.Throughout the project we strive for excellence; carrying out the work in a fast and professional manner. Our team is accessible to you as a source of constant contact to ensure you are consistently informed and as actively involved as you would like to be.

No matter what approach you require; our vast experience in developing in the South East Melbourne and Bayside area, as well as our extensive network of expert tradesmen means that we are positioned to deliver you the best package in terms of price, quality and ease of delivery.

Planning & Design

Whether you are building a single or dual level multi-unit residence, we offer advice and direction on how to maximize the return on investment for your land, without comprising on quality and style. Our flexible approach means we’re able to design your plans from scratch or we can collaborate with your architect to achieve the best outcome for you.

Town Planning

When considering a subdivision or multi-unit development, you will invariably have to deal with multiple stakeholders during the planning phase. We’ve done this hundreds of times and we know how to effectively liaise with councils, prepare documentation and plans for application, and attend meetings with stakeholders if required to obtain the town planning permit for your project. We manage the entire process on your behalf, eliminating any stress by using our experience to reduce any unnecessary delays.

Documentation & Permits

Getting a planning permit and council approval requires extensive documentation including site inspection reports, architect council reports, construction documentation, civil plans, soil reports, energy efficiency reports and building plans. We’re able to organise and collate all the required documentation and obtain a planning permit on your behalf so that you can commence construction in a timely manner. Our expert administrative team will comprehensively document and organise all information pertaining to your property development.

Construction & Ongoing Support

Construction is at the heart of what we do. Our expert trades and experienced builders will manage your construction with quality and timely delivery as front of mind. Focused on excellence, our team will manage all stages of your construction from demolition to construction and even landscaping. We continue our support with a post-handover maintenance period of three months. We are renowned for delivering residential multi-unit developments with the highest quality of finishes, design and quality construction. Our team of diversified tradesmen means we’re able to be flexible and scale our construction capabilities based on the size and requirements of the project. This affords our clients both flexibility and value for money.

Consultancy & Advice

If you are an owner–builder and need some advice and guidance on how to go about it all, we can navigate you through the whole process. We work side-by-side with you to consult you on the most effective and efficient processes to achieve your goals, whether this is to maximise your return on investment, optimise the functionality of your property or enhance the quality of your existing residence.